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Normally, if you want to have the freelancer from CMS-Website, design and develop you a custom build website, you must be willing to dish out at minimum a few thousand dollars. All this can change if you know where to find the best deal he offers. Here’s how:

First, you must understand that it is a rip off to get companies to design websites for you to rent. Have you ever seen those advertisements with the big basketball star promoting web spaces with websites you can design and rent? Ask yourself; what are you getting? A lease with restriction on what, where, and how, you run the site! Your monthly premium to rent your site makes this all possible. Moreover, if you’re planning a long term business, a business you plan to keep going for years, then what is your cost to rent over time and what is yours, if you leave?

How about going to the big established companies, you may find if you search the Internet or Yellow Pages? Most have brick and mortar locations; and many of which have to increase the amount they charge to pay off some overheads: office rent, designer’s wages, advertising costs and so on.

Consequently, it would be prudent to discovery a freelance designer and developer which works from a home office. The freelancer from CMS-Website works from home so he does not have a high operation cost like that of a company you may find in a search or the Yellow Pages. Furthermore, he is able to design and develop websites with quality comparable to those of designers and developers from big companies, so it’s a “no-brainer” choice.

However, there’s only one way to get the best price from him. The only way to do this is to subscribe to our newsletter. With your free subscription you’re guaranteed the best price anywhere, over half off the package price. On top of that, you will be able to choose the design you want and customizations you require.

Another route you can take is to design your website yourself. Think about it, if you only need 5 simple pages to present some simple information, why waste thousands of dollars for it? Just spend a little time to sit down and do it yourself, we offer discounts on courses to learn how to write code. You’ll be able to design your own sites even if you do not know a single line of HTML code with their help.

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